The Need for Disease:

If you create your disease, you can heal it too!

Are you depressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Has life been unfair? Do you suffer from emotional pain and guilt? Are you looking for answers or solutions for your mental or physical illness?

Everybody is afraid of illness. You do not buy your sickness from the Supermarket, nor are you forced to receive it as a gift. Every disease has a history, and every infectious or grave ailment can be an unconscious reason to please.

You create your disease on an unconscious level, and the origin lies somewhere within you. If you can access the deepest hidden parts of the unconscious mind, then you will discover “The Need for Disease” and crack the code to understand that “If you create your disease, then you can heal it, too.”

Based on scientific research and more than 25,000 hours of direct sessions with clients, Atul Mehra deciphers the profoundly hidden secrets of the origin of disease.

This book explains the influences of the journey from the mother’s womb, its effect on relationships, the correlation between different emotions originating from parents, society’s expectations and its impact on everyday life. It can further translates relationships with money, career, health, and loved ones. The unconscious malignant forces obliging you to live with anxiety, depression, and mental illness and ailments manifesting as unconscious, unrecognized and ununderstood parts of self.

Atul explains beautifully how the unconscious mind creates resistance to giving up on the disease and uses it as a mask protecting and processing the deeply hidden fears in the unconscious basement.

The in-depth unconscious exploration through a specific therapeutical technique can bring out the origin of the disease and provide opportunities to miraculously reverse physical and mental disorders.

The secret to health and wealth is within you.

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Publish Date
04 April 2023
Reading Age
14+ Years

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