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Love is one of the most loving emotions in the world. You have no idea why you should love, but you just want to love and be loved. You want to go out and look at the world with loving eyes, be helpful and be grateful and maybe you want the same reaction from others. The purpose of the creation is love and loving is natural. Sometimes you get those eureka moments and you become the part of the creation and love surrounds you everywhere. On the other hand, sometimes you don’t get the same response and then sensations of rejection kick in and you connect with the lowest part of your Self. You feel sad, hurt, rejected and your world ends there and nevertheless you are still a part of the creation.

Love is in love and love is in hate too! Why does it happen? Is it natural? Can you avoid that? Is there a technique or method so that you can become immune to it?

These questions can help you to understand more and find answers to live more consciously and happily. Surprisingly the answers to all these questions are not outside but they are inside you, waiting to be explored. The secret lies in totality.

Research shows that any information whether it is considered positive or negative, that comes from outside, if it’s not processed and understood correctly then the unconscious mind can create resistance and later it can be followed by anxiety and similar sensations and it can further create many obstacles to live a healthy life.

You cannot love yourself in parts and everything about you makes you total or complete. Your Physical self refers to your body including all organs, cells, muscles, bones, eyes, legs, heart, brain, every body part you know or you don’t know about; Your Psychological self consists of your logic, intellect, creativity, imagination, feelings, ego, ideas, thoughts, past experiences, memories, all emotions including positive, negative, good or bad; and your Spiritual self is gaining experience with everything happening in your life. All of them make you complete, whole, one and not separated.

Whenever you feel a lack of complete self-acceptance then you look for solutions from outside in order to fill the emptiness and it leads to an inner conflict which ends up taking many unhealthy decisions and your life gets affected directly or indirectly.

People generally say “I do not want to live a negative life” and they chase “positive living” for rest of their lives. It is very difficult to understand and grasp the idea why you have to accept negative emotions if everyone out there is screaming to live a positive life? Living a positive life is beneficial and there is no doubt about it but generally people do not know what a positive life is?

A positive life from totality point of view includes Logical side (left brain) and Emotional side (right brain) and guiding you to love everything. Love yourself in positive conditions and love yourself in negative conditions too. Then only you can use your full potential and opt out towards permanent possible peace rather than looking for Band-Aid solutions. Learn to take awareness, accept, understand, integrate and process negative and positive emotions both, so that you can have a deeper understanding of your total Self. It further reduces the possibilities of physical, mental or spiritual ailments from simple anxiety to terminal cancers.

Remember positive is not always positive such as a positive result of an Aids Test.


Written by : Atul K. Mehra

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