Why loneliness is not as bad as you might think

Everyone in the world has felt loneliness at least more than once in his/her life. People are afraid to be lonely and do everything they can just not to feel lonely in their lives. Some of these may include harbouring harmful ideas, thoughts and actions.

The feeling of loneliness can be a type of sadness because you have no friends or company. It can also be an unpleasant emotional response to isolation, a lack of connection or communication with others, as well as to yourself. My research shows that not only adults feel lonely but also babies in womb can create memories connected with loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness is a state of mind that is caused by a number of physical factors such as a disease or some other health problem which prevents you from living a normal, healthy life; psychological factors such as separation, divorce, death, moving residences, desire to please others, or feeling unworthy, and spiritual factors such as activities that create guilt and conflicts. 

The loneliness can trigger depression, suicide ideation, addictions, lack of confidence, mental disorders and may even lead to heart problems.

I believe that loneliness is not as bad as you have imagined it to be. In my 20+ years of research, I have been able to assess it very closely and deeply. I have found the astonishing opportunities hidden under loneliness to discover you. Let me explain.

Firstly, loneliness is natural. Everybody feels alone. You come alone, live alone and go alone. It is a natural state so please do not fight it; by just accepting it, you will remove an inner conflict that will help to open up a pathway to inner peace. Secondly, you feel lonely when you are alone, but you have also felt lonely when you are with others. This means that being in other people’s company is also a kind of temporary relief. Now we pose the question, “what should I do?”

You feel lonely because there is a lack of complete self-love. Loving yourself is different than being egotistical. Loving yourself meaning that you do things you like to do, you accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths, you learn to say no, you communicate openly and express what you feel inside with confidence, your desire to please others or looking for approval diminishes, you take out time to do things for yourself and by yourself and you start living more “here and now” rather than repenting about your past or worrying about the future. It is from this moment on that you start living a real, authentic life. 

Every time you think that you lack something on the inside and try to fill it from the outside, regardless of what it is, then you are more likely to feel lonely, incomplete or separated from your inner-self and the consequences can be disastrous. Have you ever realized that? Loneliness does not cause pain and sadness but rather it is a symptom of pain and sadness that is already within you. The secret cure lies in Aloneness. 

Aloneness meaning that you decide to be in your own company and you are complete within you and nothing else is needed. You enjoy your own company within you when you are by yourself and you also enjoy the company of others when you are not alone. It is the mental state of being alone in your own company. It is your true connection with your inner-self. It is something you have chosen without any pressure and you enjoy your complete freedom to feel the sensation of oneness. This is the spiritual quest in life that comes a full circle in the state where you recognize yourself.

You are the chauffeur of your life’s vehicle and you must always remain in the driver’s seat. However, if you find that you have rented your “life’s car” or let others drive it for a while, then please send me a message to give you an advanced driving course. LOL.

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