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Atul Mehra

Speaker – Author – Psychotherapist

Are you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Do you think that life has not been fair with you and you suffer from emotional pain/guilt? Are you looking for answers/solutions for your mental or physical illness? For 20+ years I have been working with clients helping them with their unique life story. My therapy opens up the understanding of physical/mental disorder and integrates what has been rejected in your life.

Thank You Atul!

There is no other psychotherapist like Atul Kumar Mehra. He is kind, compassionate, and has a deep understanding of the work he does. Working with Atul has fundamentally changed the direction of my life. He works with a modality of therapy that addresses subconscious conflicts in the mind which are far deeper and more effective than simply talking about your problems; issues become healed and resolved on a deeper level, and a deeper understanding of life that allows for more resilience is attained. I would recommend Jaagran Wellness Centre and Atul’s guidance to anyone, because it is for everyone.


Very Grateful

I am humbly grateful to Atul for opening the door for me so that I could walk through. He is a remarkable therapist, and an equally remarkable person. Without him, I wouldn’t have known the power of maternal love and second chances. Thank you so much, Atul, from the bottom of my heart for leading me through a journey of healing and recovery.


Insightful and Research-Backed Book!

What a beautiful book, very well structured without being rigid, includes actual patient examples of the integrative depth psychology approach. Focuses on fascinating topics like how consciousness takes birth and how the future of a baby depends on whether it receives warmth or rejection early on.

Also covers deep questions like why our own mind creates our diseases an unconscious level: anxiety, depression, cancer and most other disorders. This book is very helpful to anyone who wants to understand the root causes of human suffering, and for anyone who wants to do psychological work to heal their mind from repressed fears or unprocessed childhood events.

“May every baby enjoy his birthright of unconditional love in and outside of his mother’s womb”

Martin, Canada

The Unseen Wisdom Of The Unborn: Is Your Future Decided Before Birth?

In this paradigm-busting book, Atul demonstrates that the human mind is far more superior and powerful than medication in order to regain control of our health, and how our experiences of intrauterine life can impact our everyday adult life.

The Need For Disease: If you create your disease, you can heal it too!

If you can access the deepest hidden parts of the unconscious mind, then you will discover “The Need for Disease” and crack the code to understand that “If you create your disease, then you can heal it, too.” Based on scientific research and more than 25,000 hours of direct sessions with clients, Atul Mehra deciphers the profoundly hidden secrets of the origin of disease.


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